This is NOT an e-commerce website. It is an informational site.  To place an order you must email or telephone in your order.  It is neither incompetence with the website process (although I have struggled with that too!) nor a determination to make life difficult.  Rather, think of the call-in process as the brakes on our system.  We simply cannot afford to allow ourselves to be deluged with more orders than we are able to handle.  We promise to grow to handle demand but it will be done at a controlled rate. 


We will be a significant factor in helping our customers with celiac disease, food allergies and intolerances, chronic pain, fatigue, depression and auto-immune disorders, as well as parents of autistic children, to more successfully, consistently and happily navigate their way through the initial and ongoing phases of a gluten-free lifestyle.

Through enjoyable food lifestyle re-education, our consumers will knowledgeably take control of their gluten-free diet and regain the joy of eating foods they actually like. Because they will have access to "go-to" products they will suffer less "food-related fear" when shopping, eating and feeding their children.

Through creating, selling, distributing and shipping superior gluten-free products, our market constituency will be able to supplement their menus with savory bread substitutes and outstanding desserts and snacks saving personal time in the kitchen. This decreased time in the kitchen will increase time available for family, work and/or relaxation.

Because our customers will have access to "go-to" products, they will eat less substandard tasting food; suffer less anxiety from "food-related fears"; decrease feelings of depression and deprivation; be able to avoid the inconvenience associated with making more of their gluten-free food than they want to and therefore, more fully comply with a gluten-free or gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle!  

Please forward our address to anyone
you know who needs to be on a gluten-
free diet.  They will no doubt appreciate
your gesture. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Ellen Nicholas

The Gluten-Free Dessert Kitchen

Harmony Hill of Clermont is a small B&B in Clermont, NY from which we operate The Gluten-Free Dessert Kitchen.  We are a small gluten-free bakery and kitchen that specializes in the creation and production of gluten-free soups, quiches and baked items. Additionally, we are happy to help with other allergies as well.  We sell direct to the consumer at Farmers Markets (both summer and winter); through orders delivered by shipping and/or for pick-up at mutually convenient places; and we are in the initial stages of acquiring accounts at various restaurants and shops.  Check out Facebook weekly for our market and store delivery schedules.  Beginning in 2012, we will book guests at Harmony Hill who wish to have a hands-on approach in learning to live a gluten-free lifestyle and successfully cook gluten-free!

Harmony Hill

From Rob S. in
Upstate NY:

"The dessert was fantastic and the crust was the best gluten-free crust I'd ever tried."